The Delusional Plan for this Blog

So! I’m an author, and this is my blog. Yay, for the blog.

Writing for blogs, however, often seems to be something akin to giving a non-embarrassing answer when I random stranger runs up to you, shoves a microphone in your face, and demands that you say something clever. That is to say, the content of most blogs seems to be the digital equivalent of a stuttered “U-um w-what?”



In light of this I decided I’d actually draw up a plan for what this blog will contain. The plan, which will likely explode violently once exposed to reality, consists of the follows 8 posts per month.

2 – Bi-weekly unpublished short stories.

2 – Bi-weekly (on weeks there isn’t a short story) book reviews. Most likely these will pretty much always be Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I rarely read anything else, save the occasional non-fiction.

4 – Weekly posts about whatever randomness has managed to infect me on the day I decide the write the post. Perhaps a rant about flying pigs not being a viable source of bacon-light, or maybe a semi-rational breakdown of how to take of the world. There might, occasionally, even be a serious topic filled with ridiculous but useful metaphors.

So that’s the plan. I’ve actually got some of the short stories per-written, and I know which book I’ll probably review first, so I might manage to actually do the above for the first few months. Beyond that… Well, miracles do, indeed, happen. From time to time.

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